Side Sleeper

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If you're a side sleeper use the cervical pillow and the cylinder orthopedic pillow with leg spacer is ideal for you. 

These patented pillows will support the healthiest sleep position by promoting spine alignment and alleviating muscle soreness.

Instructions: when you going to lay on your bed put the ear inside the loophole of the cervical pillow, your ear will ventilate 20 grades less, and don't going to have to contact any material. Then, the orthotic elongated body of the pillow will separate your shoulder from the ear in order to get alignment in your cervical area and upper extremities.

If you put the leg spacer between your tights the cylinder orthopedic pillow closed will provide both positioning support and comfort. These lightweight bead-filled positioning wedges are easier to shape and position than regular foam pillows. These positioning wedges are recommended for patients requiring additional positioning support in a bed or chair.

The Lateral Positioning Wedges help caregivers keep bed-ridden patients positioned comfortably by eliminating pressure points over the bony prominences and reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers. Their unique construction of an outer vinyl mesh, breathable fabric shell with a non-absorbent, polystyrene bead fill allows air to flow through the wedge, eliminating the discomfort of heat built which occurs with conventional foam pillows.

Every inch of these patented pillows is precisely molded to maximize the benefits of your sleep posture and quality. 

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