EMBRACE sleep hygiene

This is a technology engineered to improve your sleep quality composed of patented pillows, designed to provide comfort. The contoured shapes promote proper alignment, stability, and support relaxing the neck and back while you sleep. Our pillows are made of high-quality memory foam that reshapes to the right position to hold your cervical area and relieves pressure points to stimulate circulation.​ Perfect for all types of sleepers.

approved by specialists

This cervical cranial support pillow design is conductive to hold the human cervical spine and cranium in a proper juxtaposition in a cervical extension while in the supine position. Persons with cervical disorders of the spine may benefit from using the pillow.

David Wittig, P.S.C. Chiropractor

I tested the patented pillow, and my observations are that this pillow provides proper cervical alignment and head cushion. I highly recommend this pillow for individuals that suffer chronic neck pains, due to events that affect cervical biomechanics. This pillow is useful for sleep apnea patients that use CPAP machine, and people who are recovering from frontal surgeries.

Rafael O. Vázquez, MD

This pillow represent a cutting edge technology. It’s capacity to relieve stress in the cervical region while providing support and stability to the head and neck region is unparalleled. It provides a gentle very gentle traction to your neck as you fall into a restful sleep.

José Rodríguez, P.S.C. Chiropractor

The best pillow I've bought in my life. I had been getting up with a stiff neck and cervical pain for years. Since I started to use this pillow I have no cervical stiffness. The design of the pillow has helped me to maintain posture while I sleep and forces me to relax my shoulders, in fact, I feel a little taller and walk straighter. I recommend it for 150%. I plan to buy this pillow as a gift for my family members on birthdays. It is the best gift yo can give to yourself and loved ones. It is health, comfort, and wellbeing. 

Brenda Cruz, Massage Therapist

The pillow is helpful for persons suffering from conditions of the neck by holding the cranium stable in the sleeping position. Additionally, the elongated body of the pillow separates the shoulders from the neck.

Erbertt Díaz, P.S.C. Chiropractor

The cervical area gets rigid and lose natural memory over time. If you're waking up with neck stiffness and pain, most likely, your pillow isn't effective in keeping your neck aligned while you sleep, resulting in stress and tension. This is pillow provides you therapy while you sleep. The use of this pillow encourage the natural curve of the neck.

Teo Falcón, Therapist