About Us

Our inventor has spent half a lifetime searching for a way to ease her constant neck pain. One night the pain was excruciating and she had a Eureka moment of a pillow that could relieve her pain. Two main necessities stood out: a way to stabilize the head and neck; and a way to assist with the stiffness in her shoulders that was causing the intense pain. Both necessities went together, and the pillow had to solve both. The next morning, she drew a raw sketch of the pillows by identifying the source of her pain, and because form follows function, she designed a technology to improve the sleep quality of patented pillows infused by high-quality memory foam. 

Emu Comfort is also a registered Durable Medical Equipment & Medical supplier and manufacturer of orthopedic pillows and breathing assists.
These pillows are not available on others online retailers. Emu Comfort doesn’t provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatments.