About Our Founder

During her early 20s, our inventor began to experience intense pain that makes her end up in a wheelchair. She struggled to find a way to ease her constant neck pain. One night, the pain was so intense that she wasn’t able to sleep. In the middle of this episode, the pain makes her imagine the perfect pillow to rest. Two primary necessities stood out: a way to stabilize the head and neck; and assist with the stiffness in her shoulders that was causing the intense pain. Both needs went together, and the pillow had to solve both. As soon as the next day came, she started drawing a raw sketch about this idea by identifying the source of her pain. Because form follows function, she designed a technology to improve the sleep quality of pillows infused with high-quality memory foam.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted her the patents of the pillows. This was not any longer an idea; this was a proper invention. A couple of months later, her designs were finally materialized. Facel Casta Báez finally had in her hands the perfect pillows. A group of physicians and chiropractors tested the prototypes and found the benefits of the products. Specifically, they found that if you are a back sleeper, the elongated body of the contoured pillow separates the shoulder from the neck and head and decompressing the vertebrae of the neck. While if you are a side sleeper, this elongated body of the pillow separates the ear from the shoulder to avoid an injury while you sleep.

According to Chiropractors and Physicians, these support pillows are helpful for people with cervical disorders of the spine. They state that the contours of both pillows are conductive to hold the human cervical spine and cranium in a proper position.  They're also recommended for people who suffer sleep apnea, patients who use CPAP machines, and people recovering from frontal surgeries. 

Natural placement of the head and neck, accomplished with this unique shape of these pillows, can help relieve intense pain by providing natural and correct posturing in supine (back), as well as, tummy and side-sleeping positions.

These support pillow are used when a cervical hyperlordosis (less than normal curvature of the spine) exists, to prevent hyperlordosis, or when cervical spasms or strains occur. 

Every inch of these pillows are precisely molded to maximize the benefits of your sleep posture and sleep quality composed of an orthotic device (apparatus used to align or support) used to help relieve spasms, remove minor tensions and maintain or resume the natural cervical lordotic curve while at rest.

By providing proper neck support, cervical pillows can help with:
    •    Neck muscle and joint strains and sprains
    •    Tension headaches
    •    Whiplash injuries
    •    Morning hand stiffness and swelling
    •    Stiffness
    •    Snoring  (in some cases)

We spent 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and we should be aware of proper sleep posture and hygiene. Our bodies are used to traditional pillows, so it is only natural that when you change to the right pillow, it might feel different at first. Once your body gets used to the change, you will receive the sleep benefits of these pillows. The contoured shapes of these pillows are engineered to provide you proper alignment, stability, support, and Xtra comfort while you sleep.