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This bundle includes two patented cervical pillows for those seeking head, neck, and shoulder support, alignment, and stability while sleeping together.  

• The unique orthosis pillow is useful for cervical-dorsal conditions including cervical strain, spondylosis, and herniated disk, as well as for trapezius myositis. It helps for adequate alignment and support of affected areas; mainly at the cervical spine paravertebral and shoulders.
• Cervical herniated disc.
• Facet pain for cervical.
• Spam derived due to cervical conditions.
• Articular pain.
• Ideal for TMJ and tinnitus.
• Integral for pain management interventional procedures.
• This patented pillow gives support and stability to the cervical area and is recommended for people who suffer from sleep apnea to assist in using a CPAP machine while sleeping.
This pillow maintains the CPAP mask firmly in place avoiding the leakages of the air supply.
• Useful for post-surgical recovery.

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