About Us

emu comfort orthopedic cervical pillow and leg spacer
Emu Comfort has been manufacturing high quality orthopedic and custom made patented durable medical equipment for the bed since 2019 while serving a variety of healthcare markets. We are proud of our friendly and responsive customer service and strive to make doing business with us an exceptional.
The importance of having a sound sleep has been seemingly underrated over the years despite increasing calls by medical experts for a minimum night sleep of 6 hours. Several brands have emerged to provide solutions to meet the diverse sleeping needs of consumers. Unfortunately, many of the products do not effectively addressed the concerns of customers, which is where our inventor is looking to make a difference with her DMEs for the bed.
In order to relieve the chronic neck pains, she suffered for over a decade, the inventor came up with a range of orthopedic pillows and breathing assists that combats this and other conditions such as: sleep apnea, tinnitus, TMJ, ulcers by pressure, surgery recovery.
Anyone who cannot keep the correct neck, shoulder, or back position during their sleep should consider acquiring the Cervical Pillow and the Cylinder Pillow with leg spacer.