NYX, Inc. is an Orthotic and Prosthetic Supplier for Medicaid Puerto Rico and Durable Medical Equipment & Supplier for Medicare. The Puerto Rico-based company, begins expanding internationally. Their goal is to place pillows for medical use on every bed in the nation.

The importance of having a sound sleep has been seemingly underrated over the years despite increasing calls by medical experts for a minimum night sleep of 6 hours. Several brands have emerged to provide solutions to meet the diverse sleeping needs of consumers. Unfortunately, many of the products do not effectively addressed the concerns of customers, which is where Facel Casta Báez at NYX Inc is looking to make a difference with her DMEs for the bed.

In order to relieve the chronic neck pains, she suffered for over a decade, the inventor Facel Casta came up with a range of orthopedic pillows that combats this and other conditions such as: sleep apnea, tinnitus, TMJ, ulcers by pressure, surgery recovery. The company has grown in recent years because of the very positive response the public has had to the varied selection. The revolutionary patented designs have garnered positive reviews from approved Medicaid Puerto Rico.

The contoured shapes of the pillows are engineered to promote proper alignment and stability while helping to relax the neck and back. The products are suitable for all types of sleepers, made of high-quality memory foam that reshapes to the right position, holding the cervical area and relieving pressure points to stimulate circulation.

Anyone who cannot keep the correct neck, shoulder, or back position during their sleep should consider acquiring the Cervical Pillow and the Cylinder Pillow with leg spacer.

Our neck’s natural curvature is ruined by bad posture, both in the day and the night. Now you could restore your neck’s youth by simply sleeping in pure comfort. Posture tremendously impacts your health and appearance. Neck pain and stiffness may have a grave effect on your overall wellness, affecting your happiness, productivity, and performance. Neck pain may be accompanied by headaches, back and shoulder aches, bad posture, and among others. 

In this way, the cervical area gets rigid and lose natural memory over time. If you're waking up with neck stiffness and pain, most likely, your pillow isn't effective in keeping your neck aligned while you sleep, resulting in stress and tension.

Our bodies are used to traditional pillows so it’s only natural that when you change to the right sleep posture it might feel different at first. Once your body gets used to the change you will receive the sleep benefits of these pillows.

This pillow allows your neck and surrounding muscles to adjust back to the best alignment and sleep posture for eight hours each night. 

Every inch of the pillow is precisely molded to maximize the benefits of your sleep posture and sleep quality.  

• The special orthosis pillow is useful for cervical-dorsal conditions including cervical strain, spondylosis, and herniated disk, as well as for trapezius myositis. It helps for adequate alignment and support of affected areas; mainly at the cervical spine paravertebral and shoulders.
• Cervical herniated disc.
• Facet pain for cervical.
• Spam derived due to cervical conditions.
• Articular pain.
• Ideal for TMJ and tinnitus.
• Integral for pain management interventional procedures.
• This patented pillow gives support and stability to the cervical area, and is recommended for people who suffer from sleep apnea to assist in the use of a CPAP machine, while sleeping. This pillow maintains the CPAP mask firmly in place avoiding the leakages of the air supply.
• Useful for post-surgical recovery.

The elongated body of the pillow fits directly below the neck to separate the shoulders from the neck and head. It also works as a neck traction device that reduces the pressure between the cervical vertebrae.  

The C-shape provides stability by holding the cranium while supine and sleeping. Even if you are a back or a side sleeper the head should always lie down in the loophole. 

If you're a side sleeper the elongated body of the pillow perfectly contoured the side of your neck, giving your spine no room for unalignment during side-sleeping.

To be effective this is a stand-alone pillow. You cannot use it if you sleep on your belly. 

Pillow size: 19"x16"x 4.5" (50cm x 41cm x 12cm) 

Includes one cervical support pillow, two protective pillowcases, and one Travel Bag.

The pillow is made of high-quality memory foam and isn't washable. Do not wash the memory foam core nor the yellow cover. The breathable pillowcase is made of polyester can be removed for easy wash. Machine wash cold, delicate cycle, mild detergent, and tumble dry.  

These pillowcases are specially made to fit the unique design of our pillows. We provide a soft texture like no other. This level of softness prevents any irritation to the skin, providing a breathable quality to our pillowcases. 

Additionally, the breathability makes our pillowcases completely moisture absorbent, keeping its surface completely dry.

No! It's not necessary and can actually block the neck traction effect. 

This multi-use patented pillow is composed of two half-cylinders that in a closed position it can be used as a cylinder to provide support under the cervical area of the neck and behind the lumbar area, as well as, under or between the knees.  If you open it horizontally you have another cervical pillow. Opened one of the half-cylinders fits directly below the neck providing support to the cervical area while the head lies down on the other half-cylinder providing cushion.  Vertically opened could be used by belly sleepers. 

For those who don’t use pillows at all, you can use the half-cylinder below the neck to get the support in the cervical area without the feeling of using a pillow. 

It is made of high-quality memory foam and includes a breathable cover that can be removed for easy wash. The product has a pleasant touch and feel to its material. 

Pillow size: closed 6"x 19'' and opened 3"x19.

ULTIMATE BODY SUPPORT- Sleep through the night with the best support for your body, the half-cylinder bolster provides elevation for your head, feet, lower back, knees, hips, and legs, place the half-cylinder pillows where comfort is desired to help relieve pain.

MULTI-PURPOSE SLEEPER PILLOW AND ORTHOPEDIC DESIGN - With the two-pillow system, use the half-cylinder cushion in two areas of discomfort at the same time- can be used as a cervical pillow for your head while elevating your leg at the same time. Or both half-cylinder pillows can be placed together to give an extremely wide range to elevate both legs simultaneously for maximum comfort and relief. The comfortable half-cylinder leg pillow supports knee, neck, back, leg, ankle, and hip joints to help the proper spine and hip alignment, and to improve posture when lying down or sleeping. 

MULTI-USE LEG PILLOW FOR LOWER BACK PAIN- Our knee pillows for sleeping can also be used as a comfortable lower back pillow for your bed or office chair to help provide lumbar back support, our bolster pillows can serve as the perfect armrest when lying or sitting on your couch.

PREMIUM QUALITY AND COVER- It is made of extra firm, non-toxic memory foam that maintains its form. Included with the half-cylinder pillow is an extreme comfort soft polyester cover which is removable and machine washable to provide hassle-free cleanup. 

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