Orthopedic Cylinder Pillow with Leg Spacer

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This multi-use patented pillow is composed of two half-cylinders that in a closed position it can be used as a cylinder to provide support under the cervical area of the neck and behind the lumbar area, as well as, under or between the knees. 

If you open it horizontally you have another cervical pillow. Opened one of the half-cylinders fits directly below the neck providing support to the cervical area while the head lies down on the other half-cylinder providing cushion.  Vertically opened could be used by belly sleepers.   

For those who don’t use pillows at all, you can use the half-cylinder below the neck to get support in the cervical area without the feeling of using a pillow.      

• This special orthosis is useful for knee conditions such as meniscal injuries, and ligament sprains, and even for post-operative periods of the lower extremities. It helps for adequate alignment and support in affected areas.

• Ideal for orthopedic surgeries (shoulders, knee, hip, feet).

• Useful for musculoskeletal and joint treatments.

• It can be used as a leg spacer. 

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